My favorite shot of Eagle Falls in the mist and fog from that special morning.

Photographing Lake Tahoe’s Eagle Falls in the Morning Misty Fog

A few weeks ago, I embarked on a hike to Eagle Falls at Lake Tahoe, eager to witness the remarkable snowmelt resulting from Tahoe’s epic snowfall this year.

The walk to Eagle Falls in the fog from Emerald Bay

For the next hour, I immersed myself in capturing images and relishing the soothing sounds of rushing water. The fog bestowed a moody and captivating ambiance, while the gentle sunlight embraced the surroundings. Solitude enveloped me, and though the animals sensed my presence, they kept their distance. From various angles, I clicked my camera shutter, seizing those fleeting moments when rays of light briefly pierced through the mist and trees.

Video Showing Epic Snowmelt at Eagle Falls Waterfall at Lake Tahoe, CA

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