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Examples of Our Custom Aerial Videos For Our Clients:

Video update using drone to show construction progress on the USA Parkway freeway near Reno, NV.

Drone aerial update of USA Parkway construction of paving and grading. This also includes piping, draining, blasting and heavy earthworks.

Example video of what we create for you showcasing your construction project. Customized for you with your name, your project details and more.

Commercial real estate video showing warehouse building features inside and out. Shot with drone and hand-held gimbal. A great video style to showcase the building features.

Video update showing the completed construction of the new Veterans Home in Reno, NV. Shot using hand-held gimbal video camera and photography.

Drone video, photography and more showcasing a historic property in east Nevada. This real estate video was made after a full photoshoot.

Drone video and ground video showing a unique system in Incline Village preventing dangers from runaway vehicles.

Drone construction video showing tilting and concrete pouring in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center about 15 miles east of Reno, NV.

Construction video update showing the inside of the Veterans Home and construction stages using hand-held video. A great indoor platform for interior construction updates.

A promotional video to show the location and features of a local self storage company in Reno, NV. This video includes drone, interior and exterior photography to capture the location.

A terrific land offering for sale near Elko, NV. This video includes drone video, ground photography and video, as well as stock footage to make this complete.

A video made for Wreaths Across America in 2017 to support veterans. This included the events and footage of the cemetery in Fernley, NV.

A real estate video example of a building using drone to promote features and listing agent and more. In addition to drone aerials, we can shoot interiors and exterior ground photography.

A custom video made for a winery in northern CA promoting their vineyards. This video captures the location mood which was what this short piece was about.

Drone video showing blasting, grading, drilling, and earthworks to create the USA Parkway in Northern Nevada.

Drone construction update in Reno, NV of a warehouse showing exteriors as landscaping has started.

Tell Your Story With A Custom Video

Here Are Ideas to Kickoff Discussions

Construction Time-Lapse Videos:

Capture the entire construction process of a building or property with time-lapse. Showcasing the transformation from start to finish in a condensed timeframe can be captivating and provide a unique perspective on the construction progress. We can compile your images during different phases of construction into a video presentation.

Real Estate Buildings, Land & Property Photoshoot:

Highlight the best features of a property using drone, airplane aerials, interior and exterior photography, dusk shots and even landscape photography. Additionally we can make videos from the ground perspective of these area using hand-held gimbal video and include in your custom video

Before-and-After Aerial Photography & Videos:

Showcase the aerial views transforming your property by creating before-and-after videos. Capture the “before” state of a property and then document the renovations or improvements that were made, highlighting the changes and upgrades in the “after” state.

Drone Aerial Update Progress Videos:

Utilize drones to capture aerial footage of construction sites, properties, or surrounding areas. Drone videos can provide a unique perspective, showcasing the scale, location, and surroundings of a property, which can be visually stunning and informative.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos:

Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your construction or real estate projects. Showcasing the day-to-day activities, challenges, and achievements of your team can provide transparency and foster a connection with your audience.

Collage Photoshoot aerial drone airplane exterior dusk interior photography

Aerial + Photoshoot Options

Aerials and ground will get you the perspective you need. Aerial Imaging is the perfect solution.

  • New fantastic aerials shot just for you
  • Include new ground daytime, dusk, and interiors
  • Unique wide views including panoramic
  • Ideal for real estate, construction and more
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We believe aerials should help tell your story. We are passionate about making incredible images and video for our clients. Our aerials create impressive digital Marketing; social media, newsletters, blogs, website, customer updates, proposals, and more. Let’s get started today.

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See Our Industry Aerial Examples:
Costco Retailer aerial view during Christmas Holiday

Real Estate

aerial construction view tilting walls


aerial view of solar panels

Solar & Energy

Aerial photography of Mining Operation


Emerald Bay aerial photography above Lake Tahoe

Artistic & Creative