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Advantages of Using Airplanes for Aerial Photography

Shooting aerial photography from an airplane offers terrific benefits for aerial photographers. One key feature is the unique perspective from high above the ground, similar to how we can shoot aerials from a helicopter. We capture stunning bird’s-eye views of landscapes, cityscapes, and natural wonders that are otherwise inaccessible. This perspective allows for a fresh and captivating visual experience, giving us a new way to appreciate incredible views.

Another important feature of shooting aerial photography from an airplane is the ability to cover vast distances quickly. Airplanes can travel at high speeds and cover great distances in a short amount of time, making it possible to capture images of large areas that would be impractical or time-consuming to photograph from the ground or using drone. This is especially valuable when photographing multiple sites or events that span across a wide area, such as festivals, sports events, or cityscapes.

The benefits of shooting aerial photography from an airplane extend beyond the unique perspective and ability to cover vast distances. Aerial photography also offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility in terms of composition and framing. We can easily adjust altitude, angle, and direction of flight to capture the perfect shot, with full control over the framing and composition of the image. This level of flexibility allows for creative freedom and the ability to experiment with different perspectives, resulting in unique and visually striking images. If the location is accessible, drone and helicopter can also offer a similar perspective to adjust your perspective and experiment.

Lastly, aerial photography from an airplane eliminates the need for complex flight permissions or limitations that may be imposed on drone operations in certain locations. Additionally, shooting aerial photography from an airplane allows for longer flight times, minimizing the need for frequent battery changes or refueling that may be required with drones or helicopters.

We from airplane using high quality SLR cameras and filters to get maximum clarity and terrific depth of field. Additionally, wide and zoom lenses help to capture as much detail as possible when photographing locations from the air.

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  • Aerials from drone or airplane
  • Exterior daytime, dusk, and interiors
  • Wide views including panoramic
  • Ideal for Real Estate and Construction

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