Optimize Your Construction Aerial Updates

Choosing the Right Aerial Photography Partner

Aerial Update
Construction Aerial Update in Phoenix 2015

Aerial updates are used more than ever to help win competitive contracts and improve client communication. Demand for aerials is growing as construction booms and aerials are promoted regularly to show site progression, cleanliness, safety and more. In 2015 aerial  updates were used extensively by nearly all commercial construction companies. But are you getting the most from using aerial updates?

We Can Help Answer:

Do drones work better than using an aerial photographer? Which sites should we use our own drones to save money? When is it better to use our drones instead of an aerial photographer? How can we reduce our aerial costs overall? How can we promote our aerial photography updates?

Aerial Imaging can help you:

1. Promote Your Aerials To Help Win Future Work
2. Reduce Your Aerial Update Costs

Promote Your Aerials to Help Win Future Work

Updating your clients with your aerial updates will help improve client communication and strengthen your long-term relationship. Aerial updates also give you more control, provides you with images to use in future Marketing, and prevents your clients from obtaining aerials elsewhere. Using your marketing department or field managers to centralize and coordinate your monthly aerial updates has many advantages:

  •  Better control of your aerials for management and Marketing.
  •  Share your aerials across your company and with your clients.
  •  Simplify the aerial process – one contact for your aerial updates.
  •  Allows Project Managers to do project management.

Bundle Your Aerial Updates and Save Thousands

Aerial update from the same angle
New School Aerial Progression in Arizona

If you have several construction sites in Phoenix we can also potentially save you thousands depending in how many sites you have. We can bundle your monthly aerial sites when we shoot all your sites at the same time!

Benefits of Bundling with Aerial Imaging:

  • Save thousands on aerial photography updates.
  • Use aerials in Marketing to Win Future Work!
  • Customize your aerial shots to highlight special details
  • Free aerial shots to include with bids
  • Video is also available for your clients

Current Aerial Landscape

Project Managers (PM’s) are typically responsible for locating their own local aerial photographer to do their aerial site updates monthly. PM’s each use different aerial photographers and pay typically $300 to $400 per site update. This price depends on site location and frequency, but this is an expected average amount. By using one photographer and updating the sites at the same time, we can lower the price to approximately $200 or even $175 depending on frequency and location.

Here is an example:
Example: 15 Sites in Phoenix Area
Current: Project Managers currently paying an average of
$300 per site among 4-5 aerial photographers:
@ 15 sites each month
= $4,500 Total Monthly Cost

Solution: Bundle your aerials for
$175 per site (half the above price)
@ 15 sites each month
= $2,625 Total Monthly Cost
This is a Potential Savings of $1,875 Monthly on Aerial Updates!Layout1small

Review Your Sites – How We Can Help You Optimize Your Aerial Updates

We can review your site locations and help determine the best mix of aerial photography updates using your drone or our aerial services.  If you have 15+ sites around the Phoenix Metro Area, we can offer the best possible pricing for aerial updates.

Example of Monthly Aerial Update Process

Suppose Aerial Updates Are Needed for June 1st, 2016

1. We need the list of sites on or about 5/10 for to plan (For FAA flight approval).
2. We fly and shoot aerials close to 5/30.
3. We send out an email the following day (on 6/1) with links to all your aerial shots for distribution to Marketing, Field Managers and Project Managers.

You can view, share, download and the aerial images. We handle all the image hosting, storage and easy online retrieval. Here is an example of our aerial updates, and another aerial update example. You can zoom in using the browser to see high-resolution details from your computer. Try it with the examples above (click thumbnail, then click image again and let it load, and use the “+ and – “at the bottom of the page to zoom. The process is actually that simple!

Choose The Right Aerial Partner

Aerial Imaging has specialized in construction aerial photography for over 10 years. We shoot all sites in a helicopter, the most accessible and ideal platform to shoot quality very professional aerials. Additionally, Evan has an extensive background in Marketing as well as construction project management. We are reliable, professional and very organized. We absolutely love what we do!testimonial

Aerial Imaging Experience:

  • Consistent angles each month, all angles covered including close-ins, useful details, more if needed.
  • All shots are high-resolution and print-ready.
  • Plenty of images each update, 20 + images each update, customizable if you need.
  • Show fantastic details of your project – Every shot is in high resolution.
  • 1-2 Day turnaround on images, via Dropbox, downloadable site with thumbnail previews to view, share and download. The full high resolution image is always available for download in the future. We take care of handling online image storage and retrieval.
  • Never any image restrictions for Marketing or other uses.
  • We are reliable, professional and available evenings / weekends – Our existing aerial clients include several Fortune 100 companies.

Customer Testimonials, Aerial Gallery Example, Additional Construction Aerial Work

This Is Great, How Can We Partner?

We want to offer a bundled price for your monthly aerial updates and we can also suggest which locations would benefit you to use your own drones. A meeting will help explain how we can help streamline the aerial update process and offer our services to make the most of your aerial updates.

We look forward to hearing from you to schedule a time to meet!


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Aerials using Robinson R44 Raven Series Helicopter
Evan with a Robinson R44 Raven Series Helicopter