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Beautiful Aerial Photography & Video

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We provide amazing sUAS aerial drone footage, aerial photography as well as professional video editing to promote your aerials! Our aerials can be used in print or for the web. Since 2005 we have specialized providing our customers with the finest aerial services available.

Aerial Drone Services

We shoot HD video (both aerial and ground) to make you a perfect custom video complete with titles, transitions, music etc. Our services include photography and video and a number of industries including construction, commercial & residential real estate, events, and more. Here are a few examples:

Heavy Construction of the USA Parkway Freeway

Vineyard Documentary

Snowmelt in the Sierra Mountains

Here is a clip of aerial video work in Reno, NV for a new construction site in mid 2016:

Drone Aerial Shot of an Industrial Building
Drone Aerial Shot of an Industrial Building

Aerial Photography Services

Oblique and Vertical Aerial Photographyvertical aerial photography example

We shoot vertical aerial photography for many uses and a variety of customers. Vertical aerial photography is ideal for mapping and other uses quantitative data is required for a variety of uses.

Oblique is purposely taken at an angle to show the subject matter in scale with the surrounding area. The cost of oblique shots is considerably less than taking vertical shots. The most widely used oblique aerial shots we handle are for:

  • oblique aerial photography examplesConstruction
  • Real Estate
  • Mining
  • Engineering


Aerial Photography Image Delivery

aerial thumbnail example

Image delivery will depending on the project and our customer’s requirements. Typically we provide an online thumbnail gallery of your final images to view, share and download (zip or single images). These are usually available within a day of the photo shoot.  If you require a disc please let us know. Vertical photography delivery requires longer lead times. Please call if you are in a hurry!


Stock Aerial Photography Images

Please contact us to see if we have an image you may want from Nevada, Northern CA or Arizona. We can look for you and let you know.

How To Purchase our Website Gallery Images

Images in our Gallery are extensive and can be purchased in full resolution without the watermark. Available aerial image galleries for purchase are the Artistic Gallery and all locations under our gallery heading. The full resolution image is typically 3x larger than the full sized gallery image. All images are digital and do vary in size depending on the image. We will be able to sell images online when our ecommerce site is up at the end of summer 2014. Until then, to purchase an image, just fill out our Contact Us page and let us know the image name and how you will be using the image(s). If you are in a hurry you can also call us. Use of the images does not include reselling the images in any way.

Stock Gallery Image Pricing

All images from our galleries are $175 unless noted otherwise. Please note that all images on the website are property of Aerial Imaging unless noted otherwise. We do not sell prints, however we can recommend printing companies.

Aerial Drone Photography Services

Here is an example of a low-altitude image from a drone. We can provide you with edited video sequence as well as still images.

Aerial photography collage from airplane, helicopter and drone aerials