Vertical Aerial Photography

vertical aerial photography

Vertical Photography refers to photography images captured accurately from directly over the subject. Typically true vertical aerial photography is less than 5 degrees from absolute vertical. Our camera port is mounted in the floor of our aircraft and specifically designed to capture true vertical photography in very high resolution digital formats. Our clients use vertical aerial photography for many applications:

  • Mapping Projects
  • Urban Planning
  • Traffic Studies
  • Environmental Management
  • Land analysis and valuation
  • Forestry Surveys and Timber Estimating
  • Wildlife Studies
  • Logistics for Energy Sector – oil, gas, and solar
  • Risk Assessment

 True Vertical Aerial Photography

When planning  your vertical aerial photography project,  it is crucial to let us know  your planned use for the images so we can employ the proper equipment and techniques. If we will be capturing scaled images used for mapping, we will want to know as much as ahead of time possible (such as resolution needs). We can supply the aerial images as fully orthorectified, and stitched (mosaic), or we can simply supply you with the aerial images uncorrected.

Near  Vertical

We can also provide you with an “near vertical” shot by holding the camera out the window. Since this is not “true vertical” it can be a useful addition to our oblique aerial photography flight. This would be not useful for scaling but would be less expensive than a true vertical image.  Just let us know if you will want this ahead of time please.

Aerial vertical for photogrammetry mapping