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Aerial Photography of Palisades at Lake Tahoe

Aerial Photography Views of Palisades at Lake Tahoe

Snow accumulation at Palisades Ski Resort has reached 600 inches of snowfall this season as of mid-March 2023. An average year of snowfall at Palisades is about 399 inches. According to the Western Regional Climate Center the snowiest year on record for the Lake Tahoe area was 1951-1952. During that year, the area received 884 inches (about 73.7 feet) of snow. Other years with significant snowfall in the Lake Tahoe area include 1994-1995, when the area received 811 inches (about 67.6 feet) of snow, and 2016-2017, when the area received 728 inches (about 60.7 feet) of snow.

Aerial view of Palisades at Lake Tahoe
Aerial view of the aerial tram at Palisades Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, CA in Lake Tahoe, CA

The aerial tram at Palisades Lake Tahoe starts at Olympic Village and climbs the mountain, ending at Tahoe’s High Camp. Palisades High Camp is located at 8,200 feet above sea level.

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