Aerial Photography of Sierra Tree Colors in Autumn

The Sierra Nevada mountain range in Nevada is a majestic sight during the fall months and a great way to capture the beauty of the season. As summer fades away and the cool air begins to set in, the landscape of the Nevada high desert begins to change. The crisp autumn air brings an array of vibrant colors to the rugged terrain that can be seen from miles around. The vivid colors and scenic backdrops make for stunning images that will last for many years.

In mid October, the autumn foliage is in full swing. The leaves change from a lush green to a range of deep oranges, reds, and yellows. As the days pass, the brilliant hues become even more vibrant. This is a great time for aerial photography, as the view from the sky shows off the full range of autumn colors.

When photographing the fall trees in the Sierra Nevada mountains, one impressive view comes from an airplane. Flying at these altitudes allows for better coverage of the entire mountain range. The aerial shots allow the viewer to get an up-close look at the various landscapes that make up the Nevada high desert. It also gives them a chance to observe the true beauty of the changing of the seasons.

From an aerial perspective, the fall foliage in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is truly breathtaking. The trees are lush and vibrant, although the foliage can vary depending on the elevation. At lower elevations, the trees will begin to turn to a deep orange and yellow. At higher elevations, the trees will turn to a deep red or burgundy.

The view of the trees from the sky is like nothing else. The leaves seem to stretch out in all directions, with a mix of colors that create an incredible collage of autumnal shades. If we are lucky enough to have an early snow, snow-capped mountains in the background provide an amazing contrast to the vibrant fall colors.

To get the best aerial photography of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, it’s important to make sure the conditions are just right. Avoiding cloudy days is essential for capturing the full spectrum of colors. The time of day also matters, as the light will affect the appearance of the fall foliage. Learn more about our creative aerial photography views on our page here.

Below is an image gallery of changing trees in the Sierra Mountains:

For those looking to capture the full glory of the fall trees in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, aerial photography is the way to go. The vibrant colors and majestic surroundings make for breathtaking images that will last for many years. Contact Us for more information about prints of the aerial photography shots of the fall trees in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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